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All About Xerus

Xerus is many things.   Xerus is sometimes Kyle, a normal college student.   Someone who can't stop creating things and always has to put his mind and soul into producing something-- anything.   Websites, video games, characters, stories, drawings, whatever can be done.

Other times   Xerus is a complicated blue-haired green-eyed character with an undecided fate.   His story has gone through many changes through out the years, and will some day be complete enough to manifest into some viewable state.   All that is known today are his friends and enemies.

Xerus is pronounced x-er-us.   Not Zerus.

But enough about that.

This is my corner of the internet where I do whatever I want.   People often ask me what I do on the computer all the time, or how I possibly entertain myself for so long while on the internet.   Well, this is it.

You see, unlike most people who just use the computer for listening to their Britney Spears and hard core Trapt MP3s, I spend my time a little differently.

I consider myself a digital artist of almost all mediums.   If I can do something creative on the computer, then I usually can't stop myself from doing it.   Either its just opening up Photoshop or openCanvas and drawing for awhile, and sometimes producing a fully rendered image-- or maybe even opening Multimedia Fusion and making a game engine, or if I'm lucky, an entire game.

My area of the internet began a long time ago, long before this site was created. Back in the 90s it was all about AOL.   All I knew back then was AOL and the like.   I was able to make some web sites with their home page creator system.   Of course I didn't know anything about HTML back then-- I was just messing with images and colors.

After the AOL days were over, I began taking drawing a little more seriously.   Oh I wasn't good at it, but I did do it a lot.   All over the internet I saw that a lot of people had their own art galleries and such, so I decided that was what I wanted to do.

Soon enough, my first real website that actually had a purpose was born.   It was named "X Space," referring to my character and online persona Xerus.   All I have left of that website is a snapshot that I found somewhere on the internet.   From what I remember, the website involved my art, and music and websites that I liked.   My three favorite bands at the time seemed to be Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Papa Roach.   I was so cool

After having my really bad drawings up for long enough, I decided to revise my website with my newfound passion for the world of random 3d abstract art.   X Space Revised was the next website formed.   This one had more of a stylish layout, as you can see:

This one lasted for awhile.   At the time, the tiny pixel fonts and such were all the rage.   Websites were as tiny as possible and tried to squeeze as much information into tiny boxes as they could.   I actually have no idea how that trend lasted for as long as it did.   I guess as soon as people started using resolutions above 1024 x 768, it was over.

I eventually got bored with that one so I decided that I had to do something different.   It was time to get rid of the tiny pixels and expand it out, and also change the color theme.

So, X Space 3.0 was born...

This is my blog where I write about stuff.

The views and opinions here don't really reflect those of anyone else, probably.

Any questions can be sent right right here!