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You're Sick of this by Now

Time for some background colors!

Man, honestly, this is coming out pretty good to me, and I'm pretty pleased that I'm still going on it. Hopefully this will bring in more traffic through google image search for avatar. That search for some reason has the incredible ability to retrieve nothing but fan art if you search for any character or series.
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Avatar Progress

I had some time tonight to jam out some more on this awesome fan art picture.

I'm still pretty unsure how I'm going to color the entire picture, but for now I just threw in the color keys of all the different pieces of clothing and characters and what not.   The shading is temporary, I'm just using it so I can visualize stuff a little better as I progress.   Hmm... I think I cel shade too much, so I'm going to try and steer clear of that.
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Fanart is Fun

I'm still working on this little by little.

Actually... damn it.   I just realized that I totally got the scale wrong for the big flying bison in the back (Appa.)   I really liked this composition, too... oh well.   I guess I'll have to redraw it about two times bigger I think.

That's all for now.   Usually I'd post some sort of crazy internet link to entertain you with, but I just got back from a weekend road trip and I'm pretty exhausted.   Until next time!
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Work in Progress

I never really post about art that's in progress, maybe I can help to change all that, and at the same time make this place a little more interesting.

This is progressing slowly but nicely, I plan on fleshing this out all the way to full color and background if I can manage.   I'm finally drawing something that doesn't involve just a character standing straight up looking head on at the camera!   If only I could do that with my own characters... soon enough!
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Doodlin' Away

Not much has been happening in the past few days if you can tell.   I tried my hand at drawing some stuff lately, it never really comes out how I want it, but here's a quick doodle anyhow.

Oh, and here's a quick shot of something that I'm working on.

Yeah, I've become a fan of Avatar somehow over the past few weeks.   I always saw commercials for it, and even an episode or two on Nickelodeon, but for some reason I just didn't like it.   It just appeared to me as another show trying to cash in on the anime craze, as Teen Titans left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth whenever I saw an episode of that.   I never really gave the show a chance I suppose.

So this whole thing started with like the finale of Avatar on Nick, so I caught the first episode they showed and I actually thought it was pretty good.   So, I watched all the way up through the huge finale and I was surprised at how good it was.   Something about the finale and episodes leading up to it got me hooked on the show, so I went through and watched all the episodes.

So I'll add Avatar to my list of favorite TV shows, although the fanbase of Avatar sometimes concerns me a little.   It's one thing to like a show, but some people just get a little carried away. (Sorry, you'll need an imdb login to see that.)
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New Arts

Check out the right side of this page, and look at the top two images because they're relatively new.   Both of them follow a new coloring style that I've been playing around with lately, and it's a little opposite of what I'm used to.   Usually I start out with a sketch, then ink it with solid lines, get rid of the sketch, then color.   For these last two images, I started with a sketch, then colored it completely (shading and everything) then I went back and added lines where they were needed.   I really like how they came out,   maybe I'll have to write a tutorial about this coloring style now...

In other news, Wii Fit is out, and the details of the next raving rabbids game have been revealed.

- Mainly supports balance board
- Over 65 new minigames
- Plot: Rabbids take over everything on television
- throughout the story, you’ll play a week’s worth of TV
- 8-player ’round robin’ multiplayer
- balance board games designed around making some minigames easier/some more difficult
- some sort of ’sabotage’ feature hinted at
- some minigames are played with your butt via balance board
- Xtreme Sports channel (wildebeest minigame - butt controlled)
- Fashion Rabbidz minigame (poses on the balance board)
- shooting segments - destroy movie sets
- no more FMV shooting segments
- Interactive TV commercials
- Winning player controls “TV remote” in multiplayer
- Shaking, precision, dexterity, balance, rhythm, combos, acting, and stepping minigame categories
- Rayman in more of a cameo position for this game. Focus is the Rabbids
- Custom costumes - take photos and send them
- Online leaderboards
- Mr. T parody

I'm still undecided regarding Wii Fit and buying it.   I feel like Dance Dance Revolution does me a lot better, but if there are games coming out with the Wii Fit board in mind, then I might have no choice.   Here's hoping for 1080 snow boarding!
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