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Aquaria 1.1.1

A new version of Aquaria is out!   Not just any old version, but a pretty big overhaul to most of the HUD and map system in the game, and some improvements of overall level design.   This patch has been in the works for ... well, I want to say probably a year now.

If you haven't played Aquaria yet, then I don't know what can be wrong with you.   The game is now only 20 dollars, and the new version makes it even better than before.   Exploration, cooking, combat, and some sweet tunes to wrap it all together.   What else could you possibly ask for?




Thanksgiving Rickroll

Happy Thanksgiving to all the internet roaming folks out there.   There was no way that I was awake for the Thanksgiving Day parade from Macy's or whatever the hell it is, but I awoke to IMs saying that apparently the world was Rickroll'd.   So I bounced over to reddit to check it out.   The first headline was "Macy's Rickrolls the entire country on Thanksgiving"   WHAT?

I'm sure that this video will be taken down for some reason or another, but for now enjoy the glory that is Rick Astley Rickrolling live on Thanksgiving.   The announcer even says Rickroll.   It amazes me how much power a simple internet meme has unleashed upon the world.   It reminds me of a certain something that I'm involved with...

But anyway, not only does Rick Astley come out there himself, but all this is happening with the characters of Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends which was one of the most awesome cartoons to be on Cartoon Network as of late.   I could write another 8 paragraphs about how much Cartoon Network blows now, but I'll save that for another time.   For now, enjoy your Rickrolls and turkey.




Gamma3d Pictures

Last week I headed up to Montreal to catch the end of the Montreal International Game Summit, as well as Gamma3d.   Gamma3d is an event that's all about making games that use those old school 3d red and blue glasses.   The best of the bunch are chosen to be shown on big screens in a crazy night club environment.   I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Brandon McCartin and Myself

Brandon, Alec Holowka, Me again

Adam Atomic (shaking his head incredibly fast) and you know who.

Adam in a more flattering shot.

Jason Rohrer punching Phil Fish in the face, apparently.

The almighty Petri Purho on the left.

For a lot more pictures, check out the entire flickr set from master photographer Ivan.




Pushpin Mario

My room is decorated with a lot of video game related material.   On my walls I have NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 games hanging up, along with some artwork and some other random items like the Mario Power Up energy drink, and some little figurines.   All of this though doesn't even come close to 17,000 push pins on the wall.

The masterpiece was completed by students over two and a half semesters.

Someday I'll have enough patience to try something like this on my own.   Keeping them all aligned must have been a pretty big pain, and I can imagine that your thumb will get pretty damn sore after a few thousand of these getting pushed into the wall.
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100 Click Games in 10 Minutes

Here's another one of those compilation videos that shows off a crap ton of games.   Bonesaw is in here somewhere, and there's even some Bonesaw music from Josh Whelchel in the video.   Check it!




Rockin in Paper

A rather unique look at Rockman 9.   Reminds me of when I used to make games by cutting sprites out of paper and drawing backgrounds on a white board.

Check out the artist's deviant art.




World of Goo is Awesome

There's this game called World of Goo that just came out.   You may have heard of it, it won two IGF awards last year.   One for design innovation, and another for Technical Excellence.   It was released on PC and Wiiware over the last week, and there's also an awesome demo for you to try if you're not convinced to buy it right away.

Usually I'm not too into the physics puzzler building games, but for some reason this one has me hooked.   I played through the entire demo right away then I had to own it immediately afterward.   The player controls armies of little goo balls that all have different properties that affect how they behave and their physics.   The game starts off with just some simple building puzzles to reach pipes high in the air, but later moves onto more advanced levels with balloon goo balls, drool goo, some green goo that can be deconstructed, matchstick goo to light on fire... and a whole lot more.

There's also a nice narrative that goes along with the game to hold it all together.   Its a nice story that is very cohesive to the game's elements and never really gets in the way of the game.   Everything is kept pretty simple, and its all about the core gameplay.

This is one of those games that is definitely "E for everyone" in the very best way.   On the surface it may seem like a cartoony casual game, but there's something there for everyone.   The "hardcore" will enjoy some of the more intense levels and the physics, while the not so hardcore people will enjoy the light hearted mood and pacing of the game.   Levels are skippable if the player hits the retry button too often, and there are always helpful signs in every level trying to guide the player down the right path.

World of Goo is an excellent game and definitely worth it's 19.99 price tag.   If you have Steam running I highly suggest grabbing it right away.   If not, you can also check it out on WiiWare with four player co-op mode.   In the mean time, check out a trailer for the game.




50 Multimedia Fusion Games

To follow up on the 100 game maker games in 10 minutes video, an unknown force (also known as "chutup") has posted a video containing 50 Multimedia Fusion games in 10 minutes.   Some of the highlights include Noitu Love 2, A Game with a Kitty, No-one Can Stop the Sloth of the Blood God, Eternal Daughter, The Spirit Engine, and even Bonesaw: The Game, and Everyone Loves Active 2!

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