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2009 Time

It's a new year!   Time for new beginnings, and for me it was time to try to get back into an art form that I haven't seen in a long time.   It's a new wallpaper that uses a lot of my old 3d abstract methods.   I think I've come a pretty long way from when I started out.

2009 will be the year of me making more games I hope.   I'm working on Verge and turning into a full length game, I also have plans for a few other short games if I can manage.   It doesn't look like Ye Olde Ostrich in Crazyland is going to be finished any time soon due to it's Multimedia Fusion origins.   I might pick it back up in Game Maker if I find the time, but for now it's on hold.

I have a few more bigger projects that I hope I can talk about in the future, but for now everything is top secret.   I got a shiny Macbook Pro for Christmas, and I'm going to be starting up with Unity pretty soon and I'm super excited about that.   Hopefully I can make even more awesome games that aren't limited to 2d and 320 x 240 resolution with it.   That's it for now, Happy New Year!
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Commonplace Book Results: Verge!

Indie game developers put their blood, sweat, and tears into a single game project for a month.   They would submit their completed games in the name of the Commonplace Book for the public to judge.   The votes were cast, and after the debris and dust cleared there results were in...

      * 81 Verge
      * 64 From Primordial Egg
      * 57 Eversion
      * 55 This Cursed Rock
      * 39 Lost in Eldritch
      * 36 My Entry
      * 34 Herbert West in 'Carrion Re-animating!'
      * 34 The Clatter of the Keys
      * 31 The lake
      * 30 Doorror
      * 29 Insomnia
      * 19 Defect
      * 18 Sinister Names
      * 17 Planets Form'd
      * 13 Never Opened
      * 13 Queer Village
      * 12 Strange Visit
      * 11 Dark Matter Planet
      * 11 Endless Cavern
      * 11 What hatches from primordial egg.
      * 10 Tower of Shoth
      * 9   NecroFodder
      * 7   8:Sound
      * 7   The Museum
      * 7   Uneksians
      * 6   Hassle
      * 5   31BR
      * 5   Sounds in the Dark
      * 4   Theatre of Cruelty
      * 3   Afterlife Consequences
      * 2   Horrible secret in crypt of ancient castle
      * 2   Pitchblackoids {201}
      * 1   Bird Mansion
      * 1   Death Lights Dancing
      * 1   Invisible Armies
      * 1   Sleep 23

Verge has emerged victorious!   I never thought that I would win this thing -- thanks to everyone that voted!   There were so many great games in this competition and I had a lot of fun making Verge.   Some of my favorites include From Primordial Egg, Doorror, Insomnia, Lost in Eldritch, and... well a whole lot more.   I really suggest you check them out.

Now the next step is to begin on making Verge into a full length game.   I really want to throw more concepts into the game and design a lot more levels.   Some more enemies... maybe some bosses or something like that would be nice as well, don't you think?   I kind of like it the way it is now though -- a neatly wrapped, bite-sized, polished game, but I feel like there's a lot more that can be done with the game.   Hopefully you'll be seeing some updates regarding Verge in the future.
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Voting Ends Tonight

The Commonplace Book Competition voting ends tonight at TIGSource!   You can vote for 6 different games (you must be a registered forum member to vote.)   In fact, voting ends in about 2 hours from the time I'm posting this (7pm EST.)

Verge also got a mention on 4colorrebellion.com which is pretty awesome.   Also it was in a Czech Republic newspaper for some reason -- I don't know how it ended up there but I'll take it!   Bytejacker also had nice things to say.

I am expanding Verge into a full fledged game with more levels, but it will take some time to get it there.   Stay tuned in the future for that.
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Commonplace Book Voting Begins

Just a reminder to all my internet friends out there: VOTING HAS BEGUN for the Commonplace Book Competition at TIGSource!   It's purely decided by the community and it's votes for the best game in the competition.   There's no real prize other than bragging rights and a sample of the new Derek Yu cologne.

As you probably know, I have an entry in the competition by the name of Verge.   If you enjoy the game, then I am hereby requesting a vote from you!   You can vote for up to 6 games that you enjoyed in the competition, so you still have 5 more votes to go after you obviously vote for Verge... right?

Anyway, I hope I do well!   Everyone Loves Active 2 did pretty well in the Procedural Generation competition awhile back, even though it ran like crap on everyone's computer.
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Verge Gameplay

I'm still working a little bit on Verge to fix some of the bugs that I've found.   I also cut together a little set of footage of the game play.

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I've been a little quiet around here for the past week or two.   I was away in New York and Montreal for Gamma 3d, but I was also working hard on a game for a TIGSource competition!   I put every waking moment into this game for the past 7 days or so, and it's finally done.

Verge is a game about life and death, and it's primarily a puzzle platformer.   That's all I want to say, because I'd rather have you find out what the main mechanics of the game are by playing it.   So go check it out right here or just skip all that and just DOWNLOAD it!

This is my first project that I've completed without Multimedia Fusion.   I actually tried out Game Maker for this project, and I must say I'm growing quite fond of it.   Not only is it just 20 dollars, but it also allows scripting which makes everything go a lot faster for me.   I'm not sure how well this game is going to perform on relatively old computers, but hopefully its better than Bonesaw and Everyone Loves Active 2.   Oh, and also another big thanks to Alec Holowka for making beautiful music for me.
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Characters Again!

Here's the finished piece of my two characters.   It didn't take me as long as I thought it would to finish up.

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Some Drawin's

Some more work on the game idea I've been tossing around a little bit.   Here are two potential characters!

This is still a rough sketch of the two, I'll be going back to add flashier color and a nifty background.   I really hope I get to make this game beyond the bounds of Multimedia Fusion.

Oh, and here are some pixels to go with it.

More as this develops!
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